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From Entangled Publishing

Out of This World Launching on July 25, 2016

When the Princess Corripraxis Malatesta finds out that she’s been sold by her father to a flaming snot monster of a warlord named Krul to ensure peace in the galaxy she decides that it’s time to take her life into her own hand and the first thing on her bucket list? Getting off her home planet and disappearing onto Earth to prevent her own wedding. Except from the minute she escapes nothing goes the way she planned. She lands in the wrong time, to a culture that’s nothing like she’d been told to expect and now she’s working as a waitress, trying to deny her feelings about the tow truck driver who was kind enough to let her move into the empty apartment over her garage. Then, just when she thinks she’s finally got the hang of earth, who decides to show up and ruin her good time? That would be the giant snot monster she left at the altar – and he’s willing to do anything—including destroy Earth to get her to come home again.

His Fake Alien Fiancee Launch Date (Pending)

When Princess Perripraxis Malatesta made it out of the clutches of the now dead Aldusian warlord -- and flaming red snot monster-- Krul and found her sister Corri on Earth she thought all her problems were over. She could settle in Atomic Springs, wait tables at Flo's and learn more about Earth from her new human friend Brandt. And things were going well -- until her father the Emperor called to inform her and Corri that their holiday on Earth was over and now it was time to come home and once again let him arrange marriages for them. Now, after a not at all thought out lie to her father, Perri has to find a human man who's willing to pretend to be her fiance so that her father let's her stay on Earth. Good thing she's got a best friend who's willing to do anything for her. Now all she's got to do is make sure she doesn't accidentally fall in love with Brandt -- because while he's willing to help her out her best friend isn't looking for the complications that come from falling in love. Especially with an alien.

From Entangled Publishing

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