A Good Time For A Change

It’s the beginning of a new year (where the hell did 2012 go by the way?) and so it’s time to clear out the old and start making changes for the new. Lots of changes are happening here at Casa Eimer. The biggest is that my husband has accepted a new job across the state. So yesterday he moved to the new town and I’m left behind in the old town with the kids while he starts at his new place of employment today. Life’s rough when you’re a single mom and I’m learning that lesson all over again as the three of us wait for the house to sell and the chance to join Daddy in the new town.

Which is unique.

No, it’s not unique in the ‘it has a theme park and mouse ears are everywhere’ sort of unique. Unfortunately we didn’t move somewhere warm like Florida. No, we’re still in the Northeast in the land of the American Colonies and Whoopie Pies. But this is the high end Northeast. Where the Yankees look down their noses when you say ya’ll and realtors love to tell you about wainscoting and other weird things while all I want to know is ‘does it have enough acreage for the dogs to run?’ We so very much do not fit in there. But that’s okay, we’ve never really fit with our neighborhood here in Pittsburgh anyway. Instead of trying to fit in and be something we’re not though – I’ve decided to embrace it.

And that’s a nice segue into the changes you can expect to see here on Patricia Explains It All this year. More blog posts obviously since I’m moving to a 2 day a week schedule (Tuesday and Thursday). Expect to see my reflections on life as a single mother and being a southerner on How to Launch a Deep Fried Turkey Tuesdays as well as guest posts and book reviews on How To Start The Weekend Early Thursdays.

On the main site, look out for new books coming in 2012 while we wrap up Faith Bettincourt’s love life and start on some new adventures together. Hopefully, more new stories are coming soon. I’m also hoping to revamp the site and add some additional surprises in the new year.

Happy New Years Everyone. May it be as good for you as I’m hoping it will be for me.

P.S. If you’re one of those people who like to pick out a word for the year to come I’d love to know what you’re word is. Mine for 2011 was Persevere which is oddly appropriate given how 2011 worked out for me. For this year I’ve chosen Evolve. Let’s see what Evolves together hmmm?