Penguins Like to Party and Other Things You Learn with a Two Year Old

We were in DC last weekend and, for my husband’s birthday, we spent some time at the Smithsonian Museums. Sunday we spent the morning in the Natural History Museum and then the afternoon at Air and Space. Both museums are great places. Really cool and if you haven’t been and get the chance they are some of the first places you should go if you’re in DC.

That’s not what this is about though. In all the times I’ve been in either museum I haven’t noticed one crucial thing about them. The Natural History museum has a stuffed penguin in it (Well duh, it’s a natural history museum) and apparently so does the Air and Space Museum. Theirs are located in the exhibit with the Polar Star, the first plane to land in Antarctica. Yep, you read that right. The penguins in Air and Space have their own plane. Which my two year old immediately caught on to.

Within an hour he had sussed out the whole sneaky affair. It seems the penguins in Air and Space have a plane and use it frequently to fly over and have a Penguin Party with the penguins at the Natural History Museum. Then, all of those penguins take the plane and fly over to the National Aquarium to pick up their dinner and take it to share with the ducks at the Reflecting Pool. Then, all the birds dance and play and then they go and visit the giant at his house (the Lincoln Memorial). He tells them all a story and then sends them back home to bed.

And here I thought the Air and Space Museum just decided to save some cash by using spare props from Natural History to make their exhibit more lively.

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