North of Need By Laura Kaye – A Review

First things first I should so outright that I’m not a winter person. I hate winter. I hate every aspect of winter. I hate snow and ice and I’d rather have my teeth pulled without anesthesia before I strap on a pair of skis. As far as I’m concerned a winter wonderland should involve a beach, margaritas and plenty of sunshine. So when the WLC gave me North of Need to review I looked at it twice. But, because I know Laura and we share a publisher, I picked it up and gave it a go. And am I ever glad I did.

For a God of Snow and Ice, a member of the Anemoi (elemental creatures who rule the world as nature Gods), Owen Winters is one of the hottest heroes I’ve read in a long time. His love of ice cream, sugary treats and his rather unique abilities at building igloos the man is charming, sexy and makes your toes curl while potentially melting your e-reader’s screen.

I’ve already recommended this book to several people and in one case bought it for someone else as a gift. This book is one of the finest romances I’ve read in the past year and I’ll eagerly await any other books Laura Kaye sets out to pen.