The Great Part of the Flu?

You would think there isn’t anything good about being stuck in bed with the flu and for the most part there isn’t. Especially when you’re so medicated you can’t even read because your eyes blur. But there is an upside and take it from someone currently under the duvet with the Kleenex—it’s a pretty good upside. Chick Movies. Marathons of Chick Movies. Movies my hubby won’t watch with me.

My Best Friend’s Wedding
Down With Love
Sweet Home Alabama
Ghost of a Chance
Win A Date With Tad Hamilton
America’s Sweetheart
Sex and the City (but only the first one)
Bridget Jones.

Oh Bridget you have been my best friend during this flu and I may start to love Renee Zwelleger for it.
Now if ya’ll will excuse me I have a date to watch Ewan MacGregor sing in Moulin Rouge. See I told you there were upsides to the flu.

So are there any chick movies you can’t live without when you’re sick?