My New Love For Entangled’s Indulgences Line

I love books. I mean I seriously love books. I read multiple books each week but I have a confession to make. I rarely, and I do mean rarely as in almost never, read Harlequin books.
I know it’s silly but for me, until now, category romance has sort of been well old. Those were my grandma’s romance books. Kidnapped brides and secret babies just never did it for me. And the covers, OMG the covers killed me. I just couldn’t bring myself to pick one up. Not even on my Kindle, where no one else could see what I was reading.
But then Entangled Publishing released their new category line and I’ll admit I was a skeptic. Sure it made good business sense and I work with Entangled so I knew that the one thing they had was good business sense but some part of me said “Come on category. Really? “
So I decided to read one or two and see what I thought. I’d give them a try but I was going to pick the one that sounded like I would hate the most and then I’d have an excuse to stay away from them. Because while category was smart business it wasn’t for me.
Then I picked up The Marriage Bargain by Jennifer Probst. Marriage of Convenience. Rich Guy. Marriage as an excuse for Profit Motive. So very much not for me. Right?
WRONG!!!!!! I devoured it in one night. I cracked up in places. I cried over the dog (I still claim that’s because I miss my dogs who are staying with a sitter right now) but I still cried over the dog. I was invested in the characters and rooting for them to make it work in the end. I visibly hissed when the other woman showed up and made her move. And the way her hero does his save the day bit while still incorporating the Mets—even though he’s a die hard Yankees fan? It made me vocally “Awwww”.
So now? Now I’m addicted to Entangled’s Indulgence Line. I’ve read all of them they’ve released so far and I’m anxiously awaiting the new releases to come out. Nina Croft’s new one looks fabulous and is already set up to be my weekend read.
That means, if you’re like me and wary of uncool category romance then give Entangled’s Indulgence Line a try anyway. They aren’t your grandma’s romance novels. They’re smart, they’re sassy, and I can guarantee that there have been no heaving bosoms, throbbing manhoods, or swooning in any of the books I’ve read. Also, and this is a big pet peeve of mine, no incorrectly placed hymens in stories where characters may still have them.
To recap: Smart heroines, sexy heroes, sharp dialogue, modern storytelling with proper hymen placement should it be necessary. What else could you want in a romance novel. Oh yeah—category line prices so they aren’t going to cost more than a grande latte at Starbucks. And you really don’t need that second latte anyway. You know it makes you jittery if you have too much coffee. So buy the book instead. For your health.

2 thoughts on “My New Love For Entangled’s Indulgences Line

  1. I’m skeptical but I’m going to try one on your recommendation cause I need something new. Nothing on my tbr that’s already published sounds appealing at the moment.
    Thanks for the recommendation.

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