Sometimes There Are Things You Never Knew You Needed

For those of you who’ve been out of the loop or might be new to the blog, here’s the not so big news that I’m moving across the great big state of Pennsylvania from Pittsburgh to a small town between Wilmington, DE and Philadelphia. We’ve been in the temporary housing for a few months now and we’ve finally gotten all the paperwork sorted for a mortgage and to go buy another house. Great right?

I thought so too. We had a mortgage, we had our old house listed for sale, we’d found a new house we liked. Loved actually. 3,000 square feet, a built in home office for me to work out, lots of windows to let in light, all on one floor, over 2 acres and with its own in ground pool and hot tub. It was even priced below what we’d been approved for. Sure it needed some paint and various other cosmetic work. But what place doesn’t? Right?

WRONG!!! If you agreed with me you would be wrong!!!!! Because we went in for the general inspection and found that our quaint little place maybe wasn’t so quaint after all. Like the lack of a working master bathroom. The stuff was there it just wasn’t hooked to the plumbing. Which had not been installed properly and was causing the walls to rot. Or the fact that the inspector recommended we really not walk on the deck since it wasn’t structurally stable and we could you know fall through it.

But the worst part? The worst part is the sewer system. It’s the machine equivalent of nonexistent. I mean it’s there and all but it doesn’t work. Or as the Oldest put it, the poop goes down the drain but it just ends up sitting next to the pool. Yeah, that’s a pleasant thought with your wine and your hot tub. No honey, don’t touch that it isn’t a rock.

So last week we went house shopping again and found another nice place. Everything I didn’t want in a house. It’s two stories, in a subdivision, there are neighbors nearby. My house looks like both neighbors houses and I have this paranoia that the Criminal Minds people are going to show up because we all have the same garage door opener (if you haven’t seen that episode very scary and set in the town where hubby and I went to graduate school) and the neighbors have been brutally slain. I don’t even know these people yet but I sure hope they don’t end up dead like that. It seems like a hell of a way to go. But I digress. New house, nothing I wanted in it, everything I didn’t want there and I sort of love the place. Which is good because we’re about to run out of temp housing.

Now if only the inspections go like we need. Or as oldest puts it, the poop gets buried like it’s supposed to.