Day One of the Rest of Forever

So today I started on an almost year long goal that I set for myself. I’ve officially signed up for the Kennett 10K (May 2013) and the Philadelphia Triathlon (June 23, 2013). Which is basically insanity on my part because if you know me you’d know that I quit being an athlete years ago—aka post kids I became a nice chubby suburban housewife that writes romance novels and volunteers with the PTA. Sure, it sounds like a great life (and it is) but it has it’s downsides. Mainly the fact that I’ve become a chubby housewife and that’s led to some problems like High Blood Pressure, larger jeans sizes, and an official diagnosis of “prediabetes”.

I want to change all of that so for the next year (or so) I’m going to be focusing on getting in shape and I thought I needed a goal to get me there. I started out with the Kennett 10K and the trainer my MD sent me to for a start up session suggested I consider triathloning as well for a bit of cross training. Instinctively I wanted to say no and that’s what made me say yes. My instincts haven’t really gotten me into a good spot so it’s time I try going against them and doing something that scares me. Hence the training for an Olympic length triathlon—1 mile swim, 25 mile cycle, 10K (6.2 miles) run—and a 10k.

After meeting last week with a nutrionist, a trainer, and a triathlon coach I’ve started a training program. Today was my monthly diagnostic day. Which was exceptionally depressing. I’m 190 lbs, a size 16, taking BP meds, and on average consume upwards of 2000 calories per day. Then they put me on the machines. I managed 10 minutes on the spin bikes at 15 mph and 300 meters in the swimming pool doing it in 50m laps. At the end of it I was pretty sure my legs were going to fall off and all I wanted to do was hurl, let someone give me oxygen, and then hurl again. It wasn’t pretty. But it was a start. And we all have to start somewhere don’t we?

And just so we all have a good place to start at here’s a picture of me starting out (well close to starting out it was taken when we closed on the house last month). Hopefully we’ll be comparing it with a much slimmer, healthier picture on June 23rd.

Me and My Hubby Ben on around 6.1.2012

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  1. Wishing you all the best on your journey to fitness and healthy living! You can do it!

  2. Your journey to fitness is inspiring (and fascinating). Are you going to do updates as your progress?

    Best of luck,


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