Sometimes You Can’t Kick Your Own Butt

So today I had my last free session with my personal trainer Becky. I adore Becky. Becky is the one who set me on the goal of completing a 10k run and a triathlon. Becky is the one who stops me in the gym every time she sees me to tell me I’m doing good no matter how crappy I feel or how little time I manage to do on the bikes or the treadmill. Becky is an awesome personal trainer. And if I could afford her I would pay to go work out with her every single day. Every. Single. Day.

But I can’t afford Becky’s fees. Not that Becky isn’t worth every single penny of it. It’s just that Becky is not in my budget. The great thing is that Becky understands this. Becky is cool with this. Becky is cool enough with it that she’s gone out of her way to help me set up my own training program and even gave me some tips to prep for my first couple of races. If it’s not obvious already—Becky is the shit.

So with all this in place when we met today Becky decided to kick my ass right and proper for old times sakeMy arms are sore, my abs hurt and if it was possible I think my ass would file a cease and desist order against the very phrase ‘step up lunge’. And OMG after today I may have to find a way to fit Becky into my budget once a month or so as a treat. Because I’ve never felt more sure that I could actually meet the goals I’d set for myself.