Saying Goodbye

So this week I’m doing the last chapters on the third book of my Speak of the Devil series. For the fifth time. That’s right. Five times writing this story. Because it’s the last. Not just the end of my contract. The last book in the series. No more Faith Bettincourt.

I thought for a while about turning her sister—Hope—into a new heroine and write about her attempts to find love but the demoness in question didn’t like that idea. Apparently she’s had enough of love. Not that I can blame her. I wrote her a crappy situation and if I were her I don’t think I’d be in the mood to find love either.

But during the conversation in my head it wasn’t that she didn’t want to find love that stuck with me. It was the questions I had asked myself as I faced finishing this novel for the fifth time in a year. Usually a rough draft takes me between 4-6 weeks but this one has taken me over a year. Why? What was I afraid of? Why didn’t I want to let Faith go?

And the answer is simple. Faith is my first romance heroine. She’s my first published book. She’s my first series of books. She’s like my first child almost. And together we’ve reached an end. It’s time for Faith Bettincourt to get her Happily Ever After. It’s time for her to go live in other peoples’ hearts and in their e-readers and on their bookcases instead of being hidden away on my hard drive.

It’s time for Faith and the whole crazy Bettincourt-Morningstar clan to move on with their crazy lives. And it’s time for me to move on and mess with other fictional character’s lives.

But no matter how the rest of Faith’s fictional eternity goes, or however many other heroines I get to mess with, I know there’s always going to be a small part of me that always loves her most. She was my first after all.