I Am Such an Idiot For the Olympics

I’m sitting here watching the Olympic track and field competition (I was a HS runner so I totally dork out for this) and I’ve realized I am such an idiot for this stuff. I mean I like sports normally and if it’s on I’ll watch it. If it’s Premiere League soccer I might actually DVR it in advance or even sit down and watch it if I’ve got nothing else going on.

But, somehow every four years I find myself rearranging my life– and my tv watching schedule– to watch the Summer Olympics. I mean I don’t even normally get excited for NBA or NCAA basketball but if the USA is playing Sri Lanka I am going to have that television on so that I can watch.

This Olympics I’ve realized that I’ve passed this particular tendency on to the Oldest. We dropped everything to watch swimming (her sport) so that we could cheer for Natalie Coughlin and Missy Franklin on the big screen downstairs. We’ve watched archery. We’ve watched beach volleyball. We even watched handball. I didn’t even know handball was a sport before this Olympics. We cheered on Team USA during the gymnastics events while Oldest joked about the fact that she’s taller than anyone on the US Team and that’s obviously why she can’t turn cartwheels.

Now we’re watching track and field and I’m searching for when exactly the coverage on the triathlon is being shown that we can watch it.

The only thing we haven’t watched? Equestrian. Even the Olympics can’t turn me into a horse person.

What about you? Do you go stupid for the Olympics or could you care less? Any events you just couldn’t miss?

4 thoughts on “I Am Such an Idiot For the Olympics

  1. I’m really not a sports fan at all, and yet, the Olympics get me totally enthralled. I love watching all those people from all over the world compete. I love watching some of the obscure sports. All those people who worked so hard to get there, it just amazes me. So, yes, I totally geek out for the Olympics.

    • I’m the same way with some of the more obscure sports. Like dressage and greco roman wrestling. We watched those — sort of amazed like wow I didn’t even know this sport existed.

  2. I am a sports fan, but I’m absolutely crazy about the Olympics. If it weren’t for the toddlers who now live here that INSIST that their daily dose of Mickey Mouse is still honored, we’d have it on 24/7. I totally got into the Men’s Team Archery competition last weekend- and even got one of my girls to cheer “woo-hoo bullseye” when we did well. I was thrilled when I found an event that really captured my girls’ attention- synchronized diving. They saw the athletes jumping into the water and would clap and yell “again! more!” Thankfully NBC shows 17 replays of the same dive, and my daughters would enthusiastically clap for each and every one. I hope they get into the Olympics like I do- it’s a fun thing to share with people every couple years.

    • Synchonized diving is insane isn’t it? You just watch them and go “how do you do that?” We were watching it and all Oldest could say was “I wanna learn how to do that!” Then I checked prices for diving teams around here and decided to be a bad parent– I like my kidneys too much to give them up for the $$ for her to start learning diving.

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