My Favorite Piece of Clothing

So today I’m getting ready for the Baltimore Book Festival happening this weekend (Sept 28-30) and I have to ask myself a rather important question: What does one wear for two book panels in a row?

I know, I know it sounds like a silly question to most people but before I became a writer I was a bit of a clothes horse. A high end clothes horse at that. Amazingly that all died a swift and rather brutal death two days after I’d quit my job when I realized after several years of doing so I no longer had to make my toes cramp up in stilettos. Now, a year later I’m lucky if I can even be bothered to get out of pajamas.

That’s not fair, really. I get out of pajamas most days. I put on workout clothes, I go to the gym, I sweat through the workout clothes, I come home and take a shower, then I put a new pair of pajamas on before putting out the only high end clothing I bother with anymore—cashmere socks. Which, I have to tell you, if you only splurge on one thing for yourself ever go with cashmere sockies. Forget Louboutins or an Armani wardrobe or even a Chanel bag—go buy cashmere socks. Your feet will never, ever forget how much you love them.

So, no matter what else I pack for this weekend—and that is still up for serious debate because I love my red soled beauties but will they really be comfortable?/then again I rarely have an excuse to wear them now and they’re pretty and parent teacher night doesn’t truly do them justice most of the time—the first thing that I made sure to pack was my two favorite pair of socks.

I’ve attached buy links for my favorite socks:

And also for the Baltimore Book Festival: