The Power of Change

My husband suggested that I blog this week on Ren and Stimpy and my brain has become such a dry well recently that this blog almost became about my middle of the night love affair with 90’s cartoons. Because hello? Adult Swim and all the other grown up cartoons wouldn’t even exist without those pioneers in the 90s. Yeah, you almost got 500 words in this vein. We’re at 71 and I’m going to stop now for all our sakes.

Rather than talk about 90s cartoons and how they changed the world I decided to talk about that deep philosophical concept we all have to face – Change.  Just recently, darling hubby was informed that he’d reached his four year anniversary at work. Yeah, that gets you a pat on the back and a smile. Nothing significant but in today’s economy it doesn’t hurt to celebrate the fact that you haven’t been found redundant during our national economy’s long term field trip into the toilet.

How does hubby respond? He comes home and asks “how do you feel about possibly moving?” Yep, four years is his limit and he’s starting to get itchy to move again. Which is kind of a big change. But not really. In the past 8 years we’ve moved 4 times. Not including the short term (less than 3 months stints that are too numerous to count) stops in various places. In the past 8 years we’ve held a lease or a mortgage in 4 places. In fact, we’ve hit a new all time record in our current house – 3 years. So while moving might be a change somehow its routine. My only complaint? Man I just got the last box from the apartment three moves ago unpacked. This is the first time I’ve been completely unpacked since we got MARRIED. Uh huh what’s that tell you?

But that’s not the only big change in my life. 4 weeks ago a dream I thought would never happen came true. Entangled Publishing released my first book Luck of the Devil. Which takes me from being someone who is typing away on “little stories for the fun of it” to a published, working, author. Now instead of being a “cute hobby” this has become a career. A bit of a scary change but still one of the most exciting things to ever happened to me.

And that change led to a rather unexpected one two weeks later. After years of education (10+), study abroad, internships, cooperative education programs, and a good long time of kissing butt and clawing my way up the corporate ladder; I said enough. I bravely stood up and said “What the Hell was I thinking in my 20’s because this, this thing that I do 60 hours a week? This isn’t what I want to define me anymore. This isn’t my passion. And you know what? From now on I’m going to be brave and go after my passion.” Then, after a few days and a lot of soul searching I did it. I put in my resignation. This means that in 2 weeks I’ll be stepping off the corporate ladder (for the first time since the five minutes when I was 16 where I almost, sort of thought I might want to be a drama major) and reinventing significant portions of my identity.

Am I terrified? Is a frog’s butt water resistant? Of course I’m terrified. Change is never easy for anyone. But you know what? I’m more excited (90%) than scared (10%). Because as scary as change is we face it every day. In fact, if you really look at it change is the only constant in any of our lives.

You know all those good things that have happened in your life? They’re the result of some type of change. So here’s to the power of change. Embrace it and try to use it to make the world around you a little bit better each day. Because the only things stronger than the power of change are the women who choose to be the catalyst change works through.

As for me? The biggest change I’m looking forward to is packing up every single, solitary, pair of stiletto heels I own and not looking at them again until after the New Year. It’s strictly sweats and bunny slippers/sneakers for this girl for the next six months. Minimum.