Everlast was released Tuesday. After two years, three houses, and a dozen rewrites the girl who soared into my head on the back of a dragon has finally been unleashed—with her dragon—on the world.





Is It Time For School To Start Yet?

Summers are a mixed blessing around my house. The kids love the fact that they’re out of school (and who can blame them?) but my Oldest is a competitive swimmer so summers for us aren’t like they are for normal people. From the day school lets out until the end of July we’re at the swimming pool at the crack of dawn 6-7 days per week. Yeah, you read that right. Every day. Five days a week of practice and then a swim meet on Saturday (and sometimes Sunday). All through June and July.

Then there’s August. August is known as the Month of Culling in our house. August is when I finally get a chance to get the house clean because I haven’t had time in June and July. August is when laundry finally becomes caught up. August is also the time my in-laws visit. So add that in. And family vacation has to be squeezed in as well. So for the first three weeks my house is a flurry of cleaning, cooking, packing, unpacking, and recleaning. Then comes school shopping (and man is that fun with two kids who outgrow everything?) and getting them ready to go back.

But the first day of school? That my friends is a holiday. This year I plan on spending it on Colin Firth movies. Or possibly marathoning Sons of Anarchy episodes. Then again I might cherry pick SOA episodes so I can make sure to get all the episodes where Charlie Hunnam and Theo Rossi are taking clothing off. And then I might be able to fit some Colin Firth movies in. Either way, the first day of school involves me, in my jammies, on the couch, thanking the deities above that I have nine months to get caught up and refreshed before summer starts again.

There’s Nothing Like Getting Back To Work After A Vacation

So we were in Disney World this week and it was fabulous. Absolutely great. But I noticed half way through my trip that my fingers were itching for my computer. I’d left it at home, forcing myself to take the week off to recharge but after a couple of days I was ready to get back to work. I didn’t. Mainly because I couldn’t and you know what I noticed? The more I forced myself not to work, the more ideas flowed. Things that I didn’t think could be fixed in mss? Suddenly at 2 am I had the answer to them. So what I did was take out a spiral notebook and jot down notes at night. It wasn’t working but it kept me from losing the ideas I had. And now that I’m back? I’m ready to own my writing again.


What about you? Do you get itchy when you take time off to recharge or is it a slog to go back?

We Are Disney World Bound

I know that I haven’t blogged in a while because of the insanity going on here with getting 3 books out the door in edits, Oldest’s swim season and all the other various stuff going on. But summer is almost over and it’s time to get the blog going again.

But first? This week, this week I’m on vacation in Florida so make sure to check my Facebook and my Twitter feed so you can check out the pictures of all the things I’m doing while I’m not writing.


PS I didn’t even take my computer this week so that’s pretty amazing if you think about it—I don’t think I’ve been without my laptop for years. Like seriously years.


Anyway, have fun peeps. I’ll see you in a week

Searching For New Heroes and New Ways of Finding Inspiration



So right now I’m trying to plot ahead (because my plotting stage is exceptionally intense) and I’ve been searching about for new heroes. Especially paranormal heroes. So I’ve been going back to the classics. And when you’re a romance writer the classics are Jane Austen and Shakespeare and the Bronte Sisters but even more than that you can go back to the original sources—places like mythology, folk tales, fairytales, the Bible even works but blame my Catholic upbringing that just seems weird to me. And I have a ton of ideas. A ton of them. Now as I dig through tumblr and pinterest and all these other places looking for visuals to help sculpt these stories in my head I’ve also got to figure out music and plot and who I would cast (I told you my plotting stage is exceptionally intense) and then if the story is even worth writing. And those are the days that I’m incredibly jealous of the authors who tell you that a story came to them in the shower (I’m looking at you Jennifer Armentrout) and it is just stunningly complete. Because that’s not me. For me, it’s a grueling process and right now it seems I’m spending about an hour to two hours a day working through that process so that in six months I’ve got something to write.

What about you, other authors? Do you have a process or do things come to you fully formed? Do you go searching for visuals to fit your stories when you plot them?

And readers, what kind of classical heroes and heroines do you like to see revamped?

Meanwhile, attached at the top is the visual that my lovely friend Tracy came up with for the Upper YA/New Adult I’m working on and below is attached a sample playlist that I’m using when I write it.

Mission Prom Short Playlist


This past Friday, to celebrate my wedding anniversary, as a sort of surprise to my hubby we went to DC (that wasn’t a surprise he was driving) but  before we went I bought tickets for us to go to the International Spy Museum so he could see the exhibition on 50 Years of Bond Villians.

Yeah, I know. Even I got a bit weak kneed at that idea. 50 years of Bond Villians. A complete look at every bad guy, all the really cheeky named villain chicks.

Let’s see, since I couldn’t take pictures inside (which made me really sad) here’s what we saw: Ian Fleming’s typewriter (PS I would totally write awesome thrillers if I had an estate on Jamaica, just saying); Goldfinger’s golf shoes; THE SELF DESTRUCT LEVER; sharks; Xenia Onatop’s uniform; and how is it that I forgot that Mads Mikkelsen was Le Chifre in Casino Royale. I totally forgot that until I walked up to his picture and went Holy Crap, Bond faced off with a cannibal! Which led to a very intense debate on who would win between Hannibal Lecter and James Bond in a bare knuckle fist fight.

Hubby says Bond because well Bond. I’m going with Hannibal—my guess is that he wouldn’t be above biting to win. And Daniel Craig does look kind of yummy.

You don't gnome me

You don’t gnome me

Happy 9th Anniversary to My Darling, Wonderful, Lovely Husband

Just a short blog post today to wish my darling husband of  nine years a

Happy Wedding Anniversary.

wedding 3

Nine years ago Wednesday you stood up in front of way too many people


promised to do a lot of highly improbable things


not only have you managed every one of them you’ve done more.

wedding 1

You’ve loved me through thick and thin, sickness and health, richer and for power


you’ve even endured the crazies that come with being married to an author.

honeymoon 2

You’ve cooked dinners and watched children at night and rubbed my shoulders


built websites and designed book swag and read romance novels


listened to me moan and whinge about why plots aren’t working


let me bounce ideas off of you


you’ve had way too many dinners spoiled by conversations

about my art.

paris 1

And I never say that I love and appreciate you nearly enough.

So here it is:

honeymoon 1

Thank you for being my soul mate


for making every single day one that I want to wake up to.

I love you. And here’s to 91 more years.

wedding 2

Happy Cinco De Mayo

Hello everyone, I’m currently locked down in edits for my second YA/MG book Evanescent and if my editors find out I actually took the time to blog they’d probably have my head, but I couldn’t resist coming out to wish everyone a happy Cinco De Mayo.

Some of the people who read this blog might know that I spent four years during grad school in southern New Mexico and I basically miss it every day. Especially on days like Cinco de Mayo. Why you ask. Here’s my top five reasons to miss New Mexico
1.) Sunshine.
2.) Hatch Green Chilis
3.) Palm trees
4.) White Sands
5.) Sunshine. Lots and lots of pretty warm sunshine.

Oh well, back into the breach once more for me. Have a good week everyone!